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Uitgeleste Dansen 2022

Country Line Dance Termen

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2022 Bandit Dancers Crossroad Dancers Stampede C L D Village Dancers Footloose Star Dancers Ineke Gerrie KBO Pr.beek NHCD
week 1                  
week 2           Lonely Inside      
week 3           Far Side Banks Of Jordan      
week 4           You Got Gold   Adio's Corn
week 5     Corn     The Rails Red lips, blue eyes,& white lies   Mixing Moon
week 6 Before You Love Me   Mixing Moon Peppermint Twist   Enjoy The Night      
week 7 Neon Moon   Lonely Inside     Looking For A Girl You Got Gold    
week 8 One dance, one rose, one kiss     You Got Gold   Breaking Up     Lonely Inside
week 9           Marty Gray I've Been Better    
week 10 Loving you Looking For A Girl Dream Of Me I'm On My way Breaking up One dance, one rose, one kiss
week 11 You Got Gold   Thelma & Louise
week 12 Lonely Inside One Dance One Rose, One Kiss Most People Loving You
week 13   I've Been Better Drinks For Two Thinking Wiskey Mixing Moon
week 14   Dallas Cowgirl Breaking Up
week 15 The Leavin Side Breaking Up Keep Dreaming Of You Irish Cowgirl
week 16   The Bed You Made For Me Looking For You Don't Forget To Remember
week 17 Rusty Strings Don't Forget To Remmber Starlight I'm On My way  
week 18   Pardon My French I'm On My Way Thunderbird
week 19 Breaking Up Thunderbird Looking ForYou As I Hold Her Carribean Plans  
week 20     One Woman One Man Marty Gray
week 21 Till I Waltz Again With You Through Your Eyes Dallas Cowgirl This Bed I Made For You Cowboy Bounce  
week 22 Luz De Lune   Till I waltz again with you
week 23 Through  Your Eyes Al The Way Gone
week 24 All The Way Gone  
week 25 Throught  Your Eyes    
week 26   Thinking Wiskey    
week 27 Marley Gray   Daddy And The Wine    
week 28   Other Side Of The Hill    
week 29 Polka Dot Bikini
week 30      
week 31   Impossible love  
week 32   Lucky Dust
week 34 Thelma & Louise
week 35     Member Of A Country  
week 36 Blue Jean Baby Darts In The dark      
week 37 Be Yourself Stone Cold Ashes  
week 38 Blue Jean Baby   In The Valley      
week 39 Be Yourself           Mamma & Me    
week 40 Mighty Fire   Things You Can Live With    
week 41     Magocal Moments
week 44 Summmer Time Enjoy  The Night
week 45   If Not For You
week 46
week 47
week 48
week 49
week 50
week 51
week 52


2022 Country Ranch Dancers Joke Mozes Gr 1 Joke Mozes Gr 2 Joke Mozes Gr 3 Joke Mozes Gr 4 Joke Mozes Gr 5 Reserve Sabina Shining Hill
week2   Looking For You           Underground  
week3                 Till You Can't  
week4   Never ending song of love           Graffiti Whisky & Gin  
week6 It's  Alright It's Oke
week7 Looking For A Girl                    
week8   Breaking Up             Colt 45    
week9 Railroad Track               Peppermint twist    
week10   O My Darling           57 Chevrolet      
week11                 Girl Crush    
week12 Thunderbird We walk in the sunshine           Raised Like That      
week13                 Dear Future Husband    
week14 Other Side Of The Hill Dixie-Lee           The Rythm Of Love Harley    
week15   My-Cutie                  
week16 Don't forget To Remember               Reunited    
week17               Thelma & Louise      
week18                 Caribinean  Plans    
week19 Don't Let Me Down             Pardon My French      
week20                 Let'g Go Darling    
week21 Pardon My French                    
week22                 Eine Kleine Ding Dong    
week23                 Young Vulkanoes    
week24 You Got Gold               Through Your Eyes    
week25               Nickajack      
week26     Boom Boom Clap  
week27 The last thing on my mind Get back To Diixie The Magic Is There                
week28 Draggin Your Boots
week29 Bottom Of My Bottle Chop Chop          
week30     The Gambler  
week31                 Cold Heart    
week32   Teringat Selalu             You Can Have Him    
week33   What Iff Dwight's Above and Beyond           Here We Go    
week34                 Adios Cowboy  
week35                 Mama Said    
week36 Summertime Latin Fire Long Gone Daddy Louisiette Dance     Tourist  
week37 Young Man's Town Two Blue Embrellas No Country Music For Old Man Member Of A Country Club The Same EyesTexas       Darts In The Dark    
week38 In The Valley Impossible Love Love is a Golden Ring        
week39 In The Valley Country Touch He Would Not Lie East Coast Boogie       Heaven's Jukebox  
week40 No To Drink September Love Cha The Blues        
week41   Save It For A Sunny Day