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2018 Bandit Dancers The Flying Birds Stampede C L D Village Dancers Footloose Star Dancers Vertical expr. Dancers Gerrie KBO Pr.beek NHCD
week 1   My sweet senorita   Chicken truck Hearts and flowers All the kings horses
week 2 I picked the wrong night   Stir crazy A reek craic Cowgirls Double down two step Rusty strings
week 3 Take a ride in the country Double down two step Money for the weekend Clap your hands I picked the wrong night
week 4 Control again Blue kisses Haida Ouzo & black Dream in my eyes When  i see ya When i see ya Blue wing
week 5 On the style Hey porter Take a ride in the country
week 6 We love country Lights on to night I must be dreaming In our blood One love
week 7 One love   When I see ya Take a ride in the country Sms is a great thing
week 8 Take the highway Sleepy eyes You're not alone Sweet little The older i get
week 9 Slip around with me In our blood Down on your uppers Blue kisses Clap your hand and stamp
week 10 Chassing down the good time The leavin'side Leaving on a jet plane www.west Aces & eights your feet
week 11 September cha Blue kisses Cowgirls Perfect www.west
week 12 Blue wing Let's turn back in time We' ve got tim Double down two step On this night Dixie girl
week 13   Meet me there My mother my teacher my friend Tara's dance
week 14 Diane
week 15 SMS is a great thing Believe me, if i lied Got a hole in my pocket Sun & sea cha cha The drifter Just a country boy Take the highway
week 16 Lonely lady Not your one night stand Rodeo boots
week 17 Amarillo by morning Poison love Blue kisses All my best Blue wing Blue kisses
week 18 Shake like yellow Not your one night stand My mother,my teacher,my For the ages Blue kisses Amarillo by morning
week 19 He cares The leavin side Hookin'up
week 20 I close my eyes Love in your heart On this night Golden wedding ring Good golly Miss Molly Diane Cow girls
week 21 Down on your uppers Free heart Aces and eights Simple things Circle jerk
week 22 Aces and eights Given to me Back to the bar Back to the bar Love is just 2 steps away Alice
week 23 Not your one night stand Tears in my eyes Alice Step by love Rivers of Babylon
week 24 Hello Mr. hearthache Feeling good A bitter lullaby Free heart Forget your troubles
week 25 Aces and eights Want to stroll over Stars stripes and dirt The leavin side You deserve better Good golly Ms Molly
week 26 I close my eyes Given to me
week 27 Looking at the moon Texas two step Let's turn back in time
week 28 Ice cold corona
week 29 Hello Mr. Hearthtach
week 30 Want to stroll over heaven with you Louisiana girl SMS is a great thing
week 31
week 32
week 33 I wana kiss you baby Desirable Champagne promis
week 34 I wanna kiss you baby big coconuts
week 35 Stand by me remix Louisiana girl Louisiana girl Natural fact Neon tan Control again
week 36 Forget your troubles A long time forgotten Things A long time forgotten
week 37 Big coconuts The yellow & green Five minutes more Lonely lady
week 38 If I could turn back time Except monday   Ice cold corona Have I told you  
week 39   As long as
week 40 Have i told you Tiger by the tail Sugar baby love
week 41 Perfect place Except monday You'll never be I close my eyes It's so easey
week 42 Joey on the fiddle Every step in thebook Double down two step Waves of love New horizon Ballo di gruppo II ballo delle mama
week 43 Farmers wife Farmers wife Bright lights & country music  
week 44 Woman amen Johnny come home The one you'r waiting on Joey on the fiddle Brigt lights & country music Feeling kinda lonely
week 45 Forget your troubles Farmers wife Hey set me free Looking at the moon  
week 46 For the ages The same eyes drove me Back to the bar Louisiana girl
week 47 Head over heals Winners or loosers Can you 2 step Thank you Why can't i say goodbye  
week 48 We gona have a Party Big john llaw Half a cha
week 49 Didn't we try Didn't we try Big john law Rears in my eyes When i'm out tonight
week 50 Ice cold carona Pot of gold Loveable hughable
week 51 Oh me oh my oh Thank you We gona have a party Call me when it'sover Big john law
week 52
2018 THE FLYING BIRDS SABINE SHINNING HILL xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
week1 Just don't tell me what to do                
week3 White lighting Hookin'up              
week4 Be yourself                
week5 Thousand stars                
week6 Cowgirls                
week7 Aces and eights                
week8 All the kings horses                
week9 Tara's dance Dixie girl
week10 Chances are                
week11 Breaking Horses                
week12 Not your one night stand                
week13 My mother my teacher my friend                
week14 Sweet little lady                
week15   Blue kisses              
week16 Slow rain                
week17 Take the highway                
week18 Rivers of babylon                
week19 Dixie shuffle All the kings horses              
week21 Better days
week23   Back to the bar              
week31 Be my guest   Woman amen            
week33 I'll take just these   That old river town            
week34   Looking at the moon              
week38   That old river town Joey on the fiddle            
week39 Road house                
week40 Boys are back in town   Most people are good            
week42 I miss you most of all Perfect place JR            
week43 love again   Tumbling rush            
week44 River of tears   Fake id            
week45   All to myself Beeswing            
week50   Except monday