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Uitgeleste Dansen 2017

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2017 Bandit Dancers Crossroad Dancers Stampede C L D Village Dancers Footloose Star Dancers Vertical expr. Dancers Gerrie KBO Pr.beek Sabina NHCD
week 1 Beautiful Sunday If You Only Knew Wham Bam Turn To Me Turn To Me While I was making love to you
week 2 Once Bitten Twice Shy   A Thing About Loving You   Dig Your Heels
week 3 My Kinda Country The Music Man Turn To Me A Thing About Loving You Missing I Wish I Was There The Bomp While I was making love to you
week 4 Country Boy Rock & Roll Come On Closer I wish I Was There Greater than Me
week 5 Seasons Happy, Happy, Happy   Son Of A bitch   Cowboy For A Night Urban Love Song   Dance With The wolves
week 6 Drinking Problem Turn To Me     Missing
week 7 Good By Eyes Never Ever Go Away   Chasing Down A Good Time     Solid As A Rock
week 8 Let The Good Times Roll I Am Me You Belong This World is not my home
week 9 If You Only Knew A Thing About Loving You       The Music Man
week 10 Solid As A Rock Stay All Night Solid As A Rock
week 11 Missing Viva Loco Tango With The Sheriff Never Ever Go Away
week 12 Hold Echoes Of Love Cupid Cha  
week 13 Turn To Me Indian Lion The Music Man Solid As A Rock
week 14 Never Get Old Son Of A Bitch My Island Lady Paddy's Choir
week 15 Come on Closer Nancy Mulligan
week 16 Break It Back Down Moo Dee Blues Friday Midnight Train
week 17 Moo Dee Blues Friday At The Dance The Music Man
week 18 A Country High   Half A Song Southern Thing Champagne Promise Never Happy
week 19 The Cats Medley Could've been the Whiskey Do You Remember I Will Be Yours While i was making love to you Funky Sole
week 20 Never Happy If You Only Knew (Sweat) a la la la la long  
week 21 Someone Like You Midnight Train Ride With Me
week 22 Southern Thing Could've Been The Whiskey   Ouzo & Black   Ride With Me
week 23 I Will Be Yours Country Race I Must Be Dreaming Cowboy Up Take It Or Leave It
week 24 The Music Man Don't Drop By I Must Be Dreaming This world Is not My Home Champagne Promise The Cats Medley
week 25 Ride With Me Could've Been The Wiskey She's A Lady
week 26 Man Alive This Broken Heart I Will Be Yours
week 27 If This Is Goodbye Paddy's Choir I Must Be Dreaming Rolling Along Stay Al Night
week 28 Old And Grey We Love Country
week 29 The first cut is the deepest Let Us Dance
week 30 All Those Little Lies Rolling Along
week 31 So just dance ance dance Love's Gonna Win Ride Away Lonely Drum
week 32 Delilah Wandering Hearts What you Say What You Do
week 33 Stir Crasy Wandering Hearts Sweetest Hangover Tropical Depression
week 34 Take The Highway All God's Children Never Get Old
week 35 I Must Be dreaming Rodeo Cold Beer All God's Children Back To New Orleans I Must Be Dreaming
week 36 Please Don't Cry Please Don't Cry Back to New Orleans Hunky Dory
week 37 Lonely Drum Rolling Along If You Only Knew Hey Porter Hey Porter Hey Porter
week 38 The Feeling Second Hand Heart Jim Reeves Waltz Land Of Dreams
week 39 Save Me Tonight Rolling Along Suavecito Bachata When The Diamonds Fall
week 40 Teenage Dream Home Land Honky Tonk Moon Do I Ever Cross Your Mind If You Only Knew
week 41 One Night Haide A Country Boy's Life A real Craic Loneley Drum Lover Please Come Back Rollin Along
week 42 Honky Tonk Moon
week 43 Stay All Night Lonely Drum Lonely Drum Good Time Girls Lonely This Weekend Sixteen Step Hey Porter
week 44 Could've been the whiskey Crank It To 10 Last Change Dance Lonely Drum Shake Rattle & Roll
week 45 Hunky Dory Dixie Girl Railroad   Blue Wing
week 46 Take the Highway Take The Highway I Picked The Wrong Night Music In My Heart
week 47 The Wonder Years All God's Childeren One Night Keep Hanging On Overnight Succes
week 48 The Music Man Just Relax Somewhere Somehow Dreams Of A Dreamer
week 49 Flying Scotsman Somewhere Somehow Dixie Girl Lonely This Weekend Lonely This Weekend
week 50 The Music Man Lonely This Weekend Just Relax Take It Or leave It Down On Your Uppers
week 51 With Bells On Lonely Drum Forget Me Not
week 52 Hookin'up